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About Kofkich

Kofkich has the best natural ingredients in the right proportions to treat sore throat and cough for your whole family! The goodness of herbs in our products helps soothe the throat to ease coughing and promote restful sleep without any side effects. Packaged in convenient bottles, boxes and jars, these products are the next best thing to your grandma’s recipe. So, make Kofkich a part of your family and stay healthy and happy the natural way!

Our carefully selected herbal ingredients are easily absorbed by the body to prevent the progression of sore throat to a cough. Kofkich is the best choice for all types of coughs. Formulated using basil, ginger, liquorice, vasaka and other herbs, the products have many natural benefits.

Our Herbal Ingredients

Glycherria Glabra

Liquorice root has been used for centuries to soothe and relieve coughing and various other ailments affecting the respiratory tract. This herb contains glycyrrhizin, a glycoside that balances the normal production of mucus in the respiratory tract, maintaining healthy lung function It is used as an expectorant to clear congestion from the lungs and bronchial tubes and help bring up phlegm.


Holy Basil

Basil has anti-inflammatory properties and acts to remove phlegm and Catarrhal matter from bronchial tubes. It is an effective cough suppressant.



The pungent warming action of ginger eliminates the main cause of cough that is mucus in lungs. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and has an expectorant action.


Black pepper

Black pepper has a natural antiseptic, anti inflammatory and analgesic effect. It stimulates circulation and mucus flow.



Vasaka or Malabar Nut is a unique herb that helps support the bronchial function. It promotes expulsion of phlegm. Malabar nut helps in respiratory comfort. Malabar nut supports the immune system.



Turmeric’s therapeutic properties of being an analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory agent is known to all and is one of the best remedies for cough.

Indian Gooseberry

The health benefits of Indian Gooseberry, also known as Amla, can be partially attributed to its high vitamin-C content. Vitamin C is well known to reduce the severity, frequency and duration of cough and cold.